Friday, August 2, 2013

You Will Be Tolerant... or You Will Not Be Tolerated

Is it just me that finds the title of this post ridiculous?  Yet, that's exactly what is happening across the country.  The left is advocating tolerance through force.  Basically they are saying that if you don't believe the right things, you don't deserve a place in the conversation, or even in society for that matter.  Next will come prosecution for those beliefs, as has already happened in Canada, the U.K., and Sweden. The left is, at its core, authoritarian.  They will not stop until everyone believes the way they do.  The left thinks tolerance is a one-way street, which is so obviously paradoxical that further explanation would be silly.

If you have ever spoken out against homosexuality (even in what many including myself consider to be very friendly and tolerant tones, as Orson Scott Card did), you are shunned or movie is boycotted (despite the fact that the vast majority of people who worked on the film agree with the homosexual agenda), as has happened to OSC.

Just today I saw these headlines describing how the City Council in San Antonio (in one of the most 'conservative' states, no less) is proposing to bar anyone who has EVER expressed bias from serving within city government.  If this passes, then it essentially bars anyone with religious convictions from being on the city council or any other appointed position.

George Orwell must be rolling over in his grave. 1984 is coming true, bit by bit.

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