Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sequester Insanity

After listening for so long to the news and the comments coming out of the White House and the Democratic Party, my head is about to explode.  Barack Obama is doing everything he can to demonize the Republicans and to pin the issue of the sequestration on them.

The truth is, it was his idea to begin with.  The other truth is that spending under this president has increased by hundreds of billions of dollars over what big spender Bush was already spending.  To cut a measly(!) 85 billion dollars (only 2.3%) out of an over-inflated budget should not be a big deal at all.  The way Obama talks, it's like he's making it out to be the worst thing to happen since World War II.

If you are uncertain about what all this sequestration talk is really all about, I have three excellent columns that address the issue.  The first one is from Bob Woodward, Mr. Watergate reporter himself, no conservative at all. (Incidentally, after publishing this piece, Mr. Woodward was threatened by someone in the White House).

The second article is from George Will.  An excellent assessment of how this whole thing is a trumped-up crisis that doesn't really even approximate anything approaching a real crisis.

The final article is from Peter Ferrara. This one includes some of the over-the-top inflammatory rhetoric that has come from Obama; just what he wants to incite hatred among his loyal followers.

Finally, one graph.  In one glance this shows you just how ridiculous it is for Obama to suggest that the sequester is "catastrophic".

The rhetoric and the falsehoods coming from our president are so vile and disgusting, it makes me sick.

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