Friday, November 2, 2012

An Appeal to Libertarians and Non-Voters

I understand those who vote for a Libertarian or other party candidate on principle, and I can excuse those do so in non-swing states (like Utah where I live), but for anybody in states where there is even a slight possibility that your vote could influence the outcome, please watch this video:

We are headed for a fiscal cliff, no doubt about it.  You get to choose to jump in the car that will go over the cliff in 2 minutes, or the car that will go over the cliff in 6 minutes.  The Gary Johnson car isn't an option.  It's in the shop.  I'll take the car that will give me 6 minutes to try and slow it down.  I still have little confidence that we will avoid the cliff, but I'd rather have more time to try and solve the problem than less.

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