Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OSC on Benghazi

Orson Scott Card (author of 'Ender's Game' and many other books) has for years and years been a Democrat.  Not a leftist democrat, but more of a Scoop Jackson or Blue Dog Democrat.  Over the last few years he has become increasingly critical of President Obama and his administration.  His latest Civilization Watch post on his website is a fine piece of writing, and his full frustration at the turn of events in the Benghazi scandal is on display.

If any of this had happened under a Republican president, the Mainstream Media would be full of calls for investigation, prosecution, and impeachment.  As it is, only a few isolated media outlets (that most Americans don't watch or read) are even touching the story, like Fox News.  Read this post and decide for yourself if Mr. Card is correct in his assessment of the scandal that is the lack of a media scandal, all because they are glad to cover for this shameful excuse of a president.

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