Friday, May 4, 2012

Quote of the Day

Jonah Goldberg on the "Between the Covers" podcast.

 "I am not part of this cult of youth. Even when I was a young person, which, alas, I'm not anymore, I never bought in to this idea that young people are just awesome because they're young. Um, frankly I don't think, as I say in the book elsewhere, I actually think that we should radically transform voting and make it much more difficult for everybody. I think if you can't pass the same test that immigrants take to become citizens, you shouldn't be able to vote, even if you are a citizen already."

AMEN brother! As one who has serious doubts about the future of this country, this is one of the two or three things that I would tell the Founders to include in the Constitution if I had my own time machine.

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