Saturday, April 9, 2011

Playing catch-up...

I hate being so busy that I can't find time to even post a link to an article, let alone read them, but such is life right now.

With AYSO games cancelled today, I did a little catching up today (finally), so I thought to post a few links from my reading.

My favorite Rational Optimist put up a great post about how quality-of-life trends are moving in a good direction.

One of my favorite economists, Don Boudreaux devastatingly illustrates in three short paragraphs the farce that is the self-congratulatory nonsense of congress cutting spending by far, far too little.

His colleague at Cafe Hayek, Russ Roberts, has this nifty graph, with explanation.

On a similar theme (government spending too much), Bill Whittle exposes the falsity of the envious class warfare rhetoric of the left in his latest firewall video. The left constantly plays the class warfare card, so what would happen if we REALLY soaked the rich and took not just some, but all of their money. That would give the United States government enough money for a long time, right? Watch this and be amazed at just how little money is out there for the Micheal Moores to steal.

More to come soon (¡ojala!).

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