Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Balanced Budget Recipe

I have a particular left-leaning (OK, so more than leaning, left-falling is more accurate) co-worker who likes to get my goat, saying eyeball-popping things like "The government should be allowed to take all of your money when you die", or "The U.S. Military hasn't done anything good since WWII. We should eliminate it." One of his favorites notions is that the government can't become fiscally responsible (AKA balance its budget) unless it raises taxes on everybody (well, especially the rich).
The folks at are doing a great job refuting that notion with great articles like this one, and this great video (based on that same article) illustrating how simple it would be to balance the federal budget (assuming that the politicians would get the heck out of the way).
Bon Appetit!


Malinda said...

I tried to listen, but I had a hard time getting over the leather jacket & apron combo.

Nate said...

The leather jacket is his trademark. He almost always wears it.