Thursday, December 16, 2010

As Goes California...

There is an old saying that says: "As goes California, so goes the nation." Largely this saying has been true. Trends in politics, entertainment, technological advance, environmental policy, and in other areas of the entire country frequently begin in and spread from California.

Let's hope that this trend can be arrested, and the saying can be invalidated, because California is a basket case.

If you want a glimpse of some of the problems that face California, read this great article by Victor Davis Hanson, historian and California native.

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Scott said...

Great blog, Nate. I love how you link to interesting stuff. Personally, I'd like to see the saying change to, "As Utah Goes..." If we could get our fiscal house in even better shape than it is, we'd be a beacon to the rest of the country. I find many in Utah and elsewhere, people are all in as far as social conservatism. But fiscally, people generally have a line in the sand they draw where, on one side of the line, it's bad to take from the rich and do X with the $. And on the other side of the line, that principle goes out the window. For most, there is a limit reached where, "Oh, well, the "gov't" HAS to do/pay for that.