Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Davy Crockett on the Constitution and welfare

Davy Crockett is an American Legend. He is best known for his frontier exploits, both real and exaggerated, as well as his heroic death defending the Alamo from Mexican aggression.

Less known is that Davy Crockett served eight years as a congressman from his home state of Tennessee. In an 1884 biography of his life, author Edward Ellis relates a story about Mr. Crockett and his time in Congress. Some question the full authenticity of the story, since there is no official congressional record of the speech contained therein. Regardless, the story is very instructive about how early patriots viewed the Constitution as it relates to welfare payments. A good lesson for today as well.

Read it here.

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Rile said...

Enjoyed the post. I wish our current politicians, on both the national and local levels, would take such principles to heart.