Saturday, September 25, 2010

Public Education Spending, on a Global Scale!

Democrats and leftists always complain about how our educational system isn't getting enough money, and how teachers deserve higher salaries. Well, I guess they officially have enough, now, because apparently the United States has about 16 billion dollars just lying around, waiting to be spent on education. Not on education in this country, mind you, but on education for kids in other countries.

Democrats in both the House and Senate have introduced bills which are designed to provide education funding for "72 million children around the world".

This article on Big Government is a must-read for anyone who is at all interested in how government is wasting our money.

And, to finish up the article in style, Utah's own Lily Eskelson, currently the Vice-President of the NEA said, “We are five years away from the commitment to achieve universal basic education and we are way behind schedule. We cannot afford to fail.”

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Malinda said...

Funny that the same people who would vote for this would say no to vouchers because they “take money away from public education.”