Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Obama the Omitter

During a recent Obama speech, he referenced the Declaration of Independence, but for some strange reason purposefully left out several key words. Watch this and decide for yourself whether or not his glaring omission is symbolic of anything deeper.

I don't know whether he made a conscious or subconscious decision to leave them out, but it's very indicative of his leftist views.

This experiment that is America began with these important words for a reason. Previous to this statement, that we are "endowed by (our) Creator, with certain unalienable rights", rights were something that were granted or bestowed upon citizens by kings, lords, or other earthly rulers. The Declaration turned all of that on its head, boldly stating that our rights are given by God, not by man, and therefore, they can't be taken away by man. The atheistic left would like nothing more than to abolish that idea in the American mind, so that rights no longer become unalienable, but able to be abrogated by fiat, courts, or law.


Malinda said...

Very interesting.

p.s. "abrogated by fiat"...that's why I love you.

Rile said...

I think forgetting from whom your rights are granted has more implications than just the possibility of enabling a government to remove them, though that is certainly the most dire outcome.

Another, less obvious side effect of when we begin to see government as the grantor of those rights instead of the protector of them is when we begin to look to that same government for additional rights. The entitlement mentality, I believe, comes largely from the misunderstanding that somehow government is capable and even obligated to give everybody the right to something or other (positive rights). Unfortunately, what many may not see is that in order for a government to "grant" a positive right, it may have to infringe on the negative rights of another.

The statist elites would love for the governed to believe that it is the government, not their creator, that is the originator of their rights.

Nate said...

You're absolutely right, Rile. I've been meaning to do another post about the difference between positive and negative rights, and how the idea that we should be entitled to have positive rights given to us is what can lead to the ruin of this nation. Just because FDR wasn't able to get his "New New Deal" fully implemented, doesn't mean that his like-minded followers haven't tried to get it implemented piecemeal over the last 70 years.