Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eager Anticipation

There is a new documentary film coming out called Waiting for Superman. It is getting rave reviews and I'm excited to see it. The subject of the film is the broken educational system in this country and ways that some are working to reform it. Highlighted are charter and private schools in different locations across the country that have succeeded where others have failed. The only problem is that they can't accept all of the students that want to attend them. The result is that names are drawn lottery-style, and if your kid doesn't get picked, he or she will be stuck in the same lousy school next year.

Coming up against these results-proven reforms are... drumroll please... the teacher's unions. I honestly think, taking cumulative effects into account, that the teacher's unions are the institutions that are most harming our country right now. Until they can learn to compromise and allow reform and change to take place inside public schools, our education outlook will remain grim.

This great article talks more about the film, and if you want to see a preview of this movie, click below.


Malinda said...

So, I'll watch this with you and you'll watch "Eat Pray Love" with me?

... or maybe something else since that only gets 38% on RT. :)

Nate said...

Um, yeah, after the reviews I've seen, I'm not sure that even you want to subject yourself to that one. But, you know the rules, if you want to watch, I'm in with you.