Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Political Mentors: Thomas Sowell

One of the very first political commentators that I remember reading when I was first emerging from my political ignorance was the great Thomas Sowell. On my list of those who have influenced my thinking, I would rank him at #2.

Mr. Sowell is one of the most revered economists and political thinkers alive today. He has written over a dozen books, with themes ranging from economics, the educational system, race, culture, world history, elitism, and affirmative action, to late-talking children. He is a very libertarian-leaning conservative who grounds his arguments in empirical data and common sense.

He writes a twice-weekly column that can be found here (as well as a more extensive bio). Additionally, he is regularly interviewed on radio and TV. His articles from this week are extremely important, and based on his new book, Dismantling America. They are here, here, here, and here.

Also this week he can be seen on a program entitled Uncommon Knowledge. This program publishes short interview segments over the course of 5 weekdays with authors and other thinkers. This week's featured guest is Tom Sowell, and he discusses with host Peter Robinson themes from his book.

If you are not familiar with Thomas Sowell, you owe it to yourself to become acquainted with this great American.

Video segments:
Segment 1 on Dismantling America
Segment 2 on same sex marriage and legislating from the bench
Segment 3 on the loss of personal responsibility in America
Segment 4 on stopping the Obama Agenda in November
Segment 5 on the Fall of Rome and the Collapse of America

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