Monday, June 21, 2010

Culture of Death

In America and the western world it is fashionable among many to support the Palestinians and constantly criticize Israel and all that Israel does. For anybody who thinks that the Palestinians have the moral high ground in this conflict, they only need to educate themselves about the history of the region, and especially about the tactics and stated goals of the Palestinians.

For the last year or so I have followed a terrific blog called Seraphic Secret, written by a Hollywood screenwriter named Robert Avrech. His posts cover a variety of topics, with Israel and her enemies being one of the predominant themes.

In this most recent post, he discusses modern Jew hatred, and those who support it. Most notable in the post is a YouTube video taken from an Islamic TV channel for children. Watch the video and try to not cringe as the children sing a cute ditty about becoming martyrs and as they play-act Jews killing Palestinian children with machine guns, all to justify their evil indoctrination. Sesame Street it aint.

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