Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Immigration Issue Peeves

1. The mainstream press constantly refers to Arizona's new law as "Anti-Immigration".  That is completely false. The new laws deal with ILLEGAL immigrants, not legal ones. Most conservatives I know love legal immigration and want more of it.

2. The new Arizona laws are essentially a state version of Federal laws already on the books, laws that aren't being enforced. Why is the left not clamoring about the hate-filled federal laws?

3. As Michelle Malkin points out so perfectly, if you think our immigration laws are bad, take a look at how Mexico treats its illegal immigrants. It takes real chutzpa for the Mexican president to criticize Arizona when his countries' laws are far, far worse.

4. So many commentators on the left have likened these laws to what Nazi Germany would do with Jews. Can they be serious? (Yes, they can!) So, let me get this straight; sending somebody back to a normal life in their country of origin, because they are here illegally, is just the same as sending citizens of your own country to their torturous deaths on the basis of what ethnic group they belong to?  Give me a break!

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Malinda said...

Is that really how you spell chutzpa? I never would have spelled it like that.

"Yes, they can!" made me laugh. :)