Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cap and Tax

Congress has been working on a new energy scheme to reduce our use of fossil fuels, and consequently reduce our "carbon footprint".  Since the cheapest and easiest way to get power is through fossil fuels, they aim to tip the scales in favor of "renewables". Renewables like solar and wind are very expensive. This plan is a plan to make ALL energy expensive, in the hopes that people will choose to move toward solar or wind power.

I don't know about you, but I like cheap energy. Since we have such cheap energy, we can spend our money on other things. Well, if these politicians get their way, we will all have a lot less money to spend on other things, because so much of our income will be going to pay for our energy.  

How much more you ask? This article cites an MIT study that says we will be paying $745 more in increased energy costs and taxes per person by the year 2020 if this legislation passes. So, my little family of 6 will be paying $4,470 more in 2020 that we would have if this legislation doesn't pass. "Sorry, kids. No summer vacation this year. Instead, just think about how good you feel because you're saving the planet!"

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