Thursday, April 8, 2010

This takes some serious cojones!

So, a Republican Congressman, Frank A. LoBiondo, holds a townhall meeting in the district he represents (New Jersey 2nd), and one of his constituents gets up to impress upon him the importance of his job and what it entails.  

Now, you may agree or disagree with this man's tactics or his delivery, but I think his critique is devastating. It was confrontational, yet he used respectful language and didn't resort to name-calling or other ad hominem attacks. 

This congressman should not hold the office to which he was elected. Indeed, if a congressman or senator is sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, short of memorizing it, he should at a minimum be able to articulate what it contains.

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Malinda said...

"This whole courtroom's out of order." :) Confrontation makes me uncomfortable.