Sunday, March 28, 2010

Non-political story of the day: No Arms, No Legs, No Problem

I was incredibly inspired by this story:

Ride 2 Recovery is a program developed to help disabled veterans in their rehabilitation.  It works to enable any wounded veteran to ride a bike in their road 'races' that are held around the country. One airman who contracted Hantavirus while stationed at Mt. Home AFB in Idaho had both arms and legs amputated as a result.  The Ride 2 Recovery team fixed him up with a special bike to enable him to ride with the group despite the technical challenges of outfitting a bike for a quad-amputee.

The best part of the story is hearing about his positive attitude:

Delvin is a special man. He refuses to feel for sorry for himself and bemoan his lot in life.
“You have to adapt and overcome,” he said “It’s done, so live with what you got.”
“Life doesn’t stop at the point of your injury,” he said. “In the big picture of life, it is just a minor setback. There is more to life than feeling sorry for yourself and you still have a lot you can offer the world.”

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