Friday, March 26, 2010

It Begins

If we don’t save this great country, then who will?

I don’t think that this country can or will be saved or preserved by politicians. Look how much they’ve screwed it up so far. Or by talking heads. Or ‘truth’ telling journalists. Not even by the great people who serve in the armed forces. The only way that this country can be saved is if we the people do it. And we have been falling down on the job.

For many generations after the founding of this unique country, the ideas and values that were cultivated during the revolution and the drafting of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States were understood and taught to the following generations.

The ideas that founded this nation were truly revolutionary. They helped create the greatest country on earth. These exceptional values that created the country are vitally important. Not just for the Founders, but for us today as well. Unfortunately, as a country we have moved away from instilling these values in successive generations. And without an active effort at preserving them, this grand experiment in “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” will die.

Individually we are limited in the amount of influence we can have. We have jobs, kids, and other obligations that take up the bulk of our lives. We can’t all become history experts or Constitutional scholars, but what we can do is become moderately knowledgeable about the values that created this country, and pass those ideas on. If nothing else, I want to be able to share some of my own rambling ideas, and maybe pass on a few great links to anybody who is interested.

I am a bit of a political junkie. I listen to some talk radio (none of the over-the-top crazies, mind you; their style bugs me), try to keep up with many websites, and read some essential books, all in an attempt to educate myself as I strive to understand the ideas and values that were instrumental in the founding of the nation.

In this process, I come across some fantastic articles, videos, and other resources that I really want to be able to share with everyone. I thought that this would be a good way to share, without oversharing (i.e. pushing it out on Facebook). If nobody reads this, then at least I will have a repository of my own ideas that I can point my kids to so that I can know that I am doing my best to instill these values in them. I don’t anticipate ever running for public office, but in some small way, I want to take a more active role in upholding and sustaining this nation and its essential principles.

If you are at all interested in helping to propagate this vital information, please visit this blog regularly. I chose the name for this blog not only for the obvious reason, but also because I believe that saving the country will only work if we share these values with others. I want to pollinate these ideas across as wide a spectrum of people as I can, starting with my friends and family. I will do my best to post only the best stuff that I come across. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with too much, so I pledge (for now) to not post more than once per day. Sometimes life will override my ability to post, so I don’t guarantee a daily post, but I will limit myself to not more than once daily. I hope this will help weed out the less important things and only give you the best of the best.

Since this particular rant has run a bit long, I’ll just finish with a link to an awesome video by Bill Whittle at Bill is one of the best and most talented commentators out there. I never miss his Afterburner segments, all of which are good, some of which are downright exceptional. As with all the stuff at PJTV, it’s only available for a short time before it goes behind the subscription-only wall. Do yourself a favor and spend 8 minutes watching this great entry. In short, I wish I was as awesome as he is. Everyone should be familiar with his incredible work, where he presents ideas, backs them up, and boils it down to its essence. Go get ‘em, Bill!

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Cami said...

Great video! I'm happy you started this blog. It will be interesting/educational/fun to follow.